Craig Piscopink Golf Academy

Craig logo We at the Craig Piscopink Golf Academy believe the best way to change unwanted swing habits are to focus on the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Each student should be taught in a way specifically customized to their individual learning needs. I have developed my system of teaching from how to develop a motor skill, not a golf swing. It’s all the same whether it’s learning to play guitar or learning a tennis stroke, “one step at a time”

It’s Technique, Technique, and Technique. I do NOT believe you have to rebuild a golf swing to strike the ball better, nor do I believe in starting over or from the beginning. Using a less is more approach; I believe it helps the student play golf as usual through swing adjustments. The lower the handicap, the more I use and take what the student has, not reinvent his or her swing. I just focus on making the swing more efficient and repeatable. I also believe the golf swing should be taught and developed with the mindset and attitude of delayed gratification for long-term benefits.

If we take the time and learn the correct LAWS and PRINCIPLES of the golf swing changes become more permanent.

TrackMan Pro is available with lessons. 

See instructional videos with PGA Director of Instruction Craig Piscopink by clicking here.

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