About the Eagle Discount Program

Eastern Michigan University is proud to promote Ypsilanti-area businesses through an exciting NO-FEE promotional program called the Eagle Discount Program. The goal of the program is to promote Ypsilanti-area businesses that agree to provide a discount of their choosing to EMU students, employees and alumni who show their EMU identification card.

EMU promotes participating businesses in many ways:

  • Inclusion in an EMU brochure listing our participating businesses distributed throughout the university.
  • Recognition and promotion through EMU social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.
    • Additional promotion will be given to our Business of the Month which constantly rotates so all businesses have a chance to benefit
  • Exposure via a new EMU Web page devoted exclusively to the program
  • Exclusive invitation to participate in EMU's Homecoming Week, specifically the Block Party
  • Informational boards about the EDC within the resident halls around campus

With more than 23,000 students and 2,000 employees and thousands of alumni, EMU cardholders are a significant group of local patrons for your business. By participating in the EDP, you are not only reaching current EMU students, but the entire EMU community as a whole.  We hope you will find this program helpful in promoting your business and are requesting a one-year commitment. In exchange for your commitment, we ask that you will show your Eagle Pride and support of this program by displaying an EMU non-sticky static cling in the door or front window of your business and consider displaying an EMU flag and/or pennant. EMU will provide all promotional materials to you at no cost.

Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to working with you!