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About Us

There are 11 full-time tenured faculty in the department, four faculty hold the rank of Full Professor, four are Associate Professors and three are Assistant Professors. There are two regular lecturers and several adjuncts. The faculty of the Department of Economics has been professionally active and highly productive in research and scholarship.

 During the last decade, the department has published several articles in approximately 15 different refereed journals in fields of economics, finance, public policy, psychology and health. A number of these articles have been published in Annual Student Awardshighly visible journals, such as the Applied Economics, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Contemporary Economic Policy, Defence and Peace Economics, Economic Modelling, Emerging Markets, Finance, and Trade, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Econometric Methods, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy, Journal of Finance, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Politic al Economy, Journal of Human Resources, Journa l of Income Distribution, Journal of Sports Economics, National Tax Journal, Pain, Public Choice, Public Finance Review, Review of Black Political Economy, Review of the Economics of the Household, Social Science Journal, Southern Economic Journal, The World Economy.


  • Well-trained faculty - all faculty hold an earned Ph.D. in Economics yayafrom a wide variety of highly recognized universities throughout the U.S.

  • The publication record of the faculty is far above the rest of the university. We currently rank 13th out of a list of all Master's Degrees in Economics programs in the U.S. In addition, many serve as referees for journals in the economics discipline.

  • Some of the most effective classroom instructors at EMU are Economics professors. They have received the EMU Alumni Teaching Excellence Award, Golden Key Award, Student Appreciation Award of the Economics Club at EMU, etc.
  • A number of our faculty have been awarded sabbaticals andtabling  fellowships for their research.
  • The Economics Department has a high productivity rate based on credit hours per faculty.