Graduate Programs in Economics

The department offers several graduate programs. These programs are designed to accommodate students with varied backgrounds and needs, and offer sufficient flexibility to meet the career objectives of students with various interests. The programs prepare students for careers in business, finance, industry and government services. They also provide training for students who intend to pursue the study of economics at the (Ph.D. levels). Together, programs can accommodate these students with undergraduate backgrounds in fields ranging from mathematics and engineering, economics and business, to political science, public administration and liberal arts.

Current Graduate Programs

The Department of Economics at Eastern Michigan University has about 35-50 graduate students who come from a variety of countries and regions of the world: China, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East, Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S. Class sizes are relatively small (10 to 15 students). Given the diversity of our students and faculty, students are exposed to a great variety of economic conditions, problems and government policies.

Department of Economics has 10 half time graduate assistantships available to provide graduate students with financial assistance and practical training during their degree work, and to provide faculty with assistance in grading and research. For more information, visit the Graduate Assistantship page or the following:

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