COVID Building Entry/Exit and Circulation

  • Alexander:Expand dropdown
    Enter on North side of building off East Circle Drive under covered area. Staff only entrance at northern doors. Check in station is on main floor North side of main building by Cafe. Exit on South, East and West side of building.
  • Boone:Expand dropdown

    Enter on West side of building near MLK Garden. Exit will be on East side of building facing Pease. Down staircase is the West side and the up staircase is the East side of building (closest to Pease).

  • Bowen:Expand dropdown
    Enter on South side of building off West Circle Drive (Second Floor). You may also enter through Warner but you must stop at check in station in center of the building. Exit on the West side of the building.
  • Briggs:Expand dropdown

    Enter on South side of the building at the main doors. Exit will be the single door near the end of the building.

  • Ford:Expand dropdown
    Enter on the East side of the building. ADA entrance is on the West side by the ramp leading to the loading dock door. The stairs on the East are the up staircase. Stairs on the West are down staircases. Main building exit is Southwest stair exit. ADA may exit through the same way they entered on the ramp by the television studios entrance/exit.
  • Halle:Expand dropdown
    Enter and exit through main entrance of the building. Second and third floors are closed. Stay to the right on the stairs.
  • Honors College:Expand dropdown
    Enter off Perrin Street west entrance. Exit through the rear of the building to the east by the parking lot. Down staircase at the building entrance. Up staircase is at the rear of the building.
  • King:Expand dropdown
    Enter on the main entrance off the Mall (South entrance). West stair case is the down stair and the East stairs are the upstairs. Exit from either stairwell. ADA may exit back out the South entrance.
  • McKenny:Expand dropdown
    Entrance on the East side of the building by the Cesar Chavez Fountain. Stairs in the middle of the building go up to the 3rd floor for classes on that level. Exit is on the second floor West side of the building. Use the East or center stairs to go to the first floor.
  • Mark Jefferson:Expand dropdown
    Entrance on the West side of the building either on the pedestrian bridge or on the level below the pedestrian bridge. Exit out any of the stairwell exits. Use of elevators is allowed with capacity limits.   The center stair by the elevator may be used for going up or down.   Please stay to the right on the stairway.   The Southwest and Southeast stairs should be used for going down to lower floors.    Persons with ADA accommodations may use elevators in either direction as needed. Use north stairway to connect to Strong.    The exit off the Northeast staircase is an emergency exit only.
  • Marshall:Expand dropdown
    Entrance on the first floor off the Bowman Roosevelt Parking Lot. Exit either first or second floor doors. Center stairs go down from second to first floor. NW stairs are up stairs and SE Stairs are down stairs.
  • Owen:Expand dropdown

    Entrance on main floor off parking garage and Second Level ADA ramp. Exits at corner stairways.

  • Pease:Expand dropdown
    Enter at the front doors off College Place. Southwest stairs go up to the balcony and offices on second level. Northwest Stairs return to the main floor. Access to the lower level is through the long hallway on the left side of the auditorium. Exit back out the front of the building.
  • Pierce:Expand dropdown
    Entrance off the circle drive. Elevators are at this entrance. Exit the building on the second floor by Student Business Services. Stairs by main entrance are up stairs and down stairs are on the West side of the building.
  • Porter:Expand dropdown
    Entrance on the first (West) or second (South) floor. ADA should use the first floor entrance off the circle drive. Stairs by second floor entrance/exit are up and down stairs.   Please stay to the right while using these stairs.    West stairs are up stairs.   East and North stairs are for going down.    
  • Pray Harrold:Expand dropdown
    Entrance in Southeast corner of the building by circle drop-off spot. Second entrance is on the northwest corner, first level by the ATM machine. ADA entrance should use the Southeast corner.
  • Quirk:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is on the North side of the building under the theater arch.   Building exit should be out the north doors by the Quirk theatre.     ADA may enter the lower level of the building by the classrooms across from Pray Harrold.
  • Rackham:Expand dropdown
    Entrance on the Southwest entrance across from Strong Hall off West Circle Drive. Exit also on the South but across from the Smith parking lot or you may exit on any of the doors on the first level. Entrance to the Clinical Suites is controlled by the respective departments.
  • Roosevelt:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is the main entrance to the building that faces College Place and Forest Avenue. ADA may enter from the Bowman Roosevelt Parking lot side to utilize the ramp or they may enter by the auditoriums on the South side of the building. Exits are available on the first floor and on the North side by the auditoriums.
  • Sculpture Studio:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is on the East side of the building. Exit is using the South or West doors.
  • Sherzer:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is on the South Entrance (facing McKenny and Starkweather) Exit is on the North side of the building. South Stairs are for going up and North stairs are down stairs.
  • Sill:Expand dropdown

    Entrance (For High Bay area only) is off the parking lot by the Construction Lab. Note: Two-story structure is under construction and limited to construction personnel only through December 2020.

  • Strong:Expand dropdown

    Entrance is off the North side of the building by the auditorium. Exit to the South. Connector to Mark Jefferson is at lower level.    The rear exit in the auditorium is to be used to go to the second floor.

  • Student Center:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is on the First Floor just across the pedestrian bridge or the Second Floor at the north entrance. Exit off the second floor circle drive or any of the stairwell exits of stairs marked down.
  • Terrestrial and Aquatics:Expand dropdown
    Card swipe entrance. Stay right when entering and exiting.
  • Warner:Expand dropdown
    Entrance is on Southside main doors. ADA may enter through Bowen or Lower Level Southeast entrance. First floor may enter from Rec/IM. Exit is also through main doors stay to the right.
  • Welch:Expand dropdown

    Use the main South and North entrances. ADA may enter by the Cesar Chavez fountain. The stairs by the ADA (fountain) entrance are up stairs. The Northeast stairs are down stairs. Exit off the Northeast Stairs.