The Planning Process

Consistent with the Guiding Principles, EMU’s actions and plans are based on best practices and informed by public health data and experts, including:

  • Directives from government agencies, including the State of Michigan;
  • Recommendations from various government agencies and professional organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration; and
  • Advice from public health experts.

The campus public health standards were developed in mid-2020 by the University’s Public Health Work Group:

  1. Murali Nair, Dean of the College of Health & Human Services, chair
  2. Sherry Bumpus, Director of Nursing Operations & Associate Professor of Nursing
  3. Ellen Gold, Assistant Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  4. Beverly Mihalko, Associate Professor of Health Sciences
  5. Dieter Otto, Director of Custodial Services & Grounds
  6. Elizabeth Radzilowski, University Human Resources
  7. Karen Saules, Director of the Community Behavioral Health Clinic & Professor of Psychology
  8. Michael Williams, Director of the School of Nursing
  9. Andrea Gossett Zakrajsek, Professor of Occupational Therapy
    Support: William Pollard, Office of the President

The Remote Work Group recommended policies and strategies to promote remote work for non-instructional employees while ensuring high-quality service delivery to students, employees, and other stakeholders.

  1. Jeff Ammons, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, chair
  2. Mia Bass, University Human Resources Business Partner
  3. Jim Carroll, Associate Provost for Administration & Budget
  4. Doris Celian, University Controller
  5. Erica Holmes, University Human Resources Coordinator
  6. Rocky Jenkins, Director of Network & Systems Services
  7. Mackenzie Jozefczak, University Human Resources Coordinator
  8. Erin Kido, Senior Associate Athletics Director
  9. Aric Kirkland, Director of Desktop & Classroom Technology
  10. Kim Rankins, Senior Secretary, TRiO Upward Bound
  11. Ashleigh Spatt, Associate Director for Admissions Marketing & Outreach
  12. Cathy Steiner, Event Planning Coordinator, Conf. & Event Services
  13. Denise Tanguay, Professor of Management
    Support: Casey Wooster, Office of the President

A Steering Committee provides recommendations to the President regarding safe on-campus operations:

  1. James Smith, President, chair
  2. Rhonda Longworth, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs, vice-chair
  3. Michael Valdes, Chief Financial Officer, vice-chair
  4. Sherry Bumpus, Administrative Associate to the Provost and Associate Professor of Nursing
  5. Lolita Cummings-Carson, Professor of Public Relations
  6. Suzanne Gray, Professor, University Library, and President of the Faculty Senate
  7. Jillian Graves, Assistant Professor of Social Work and AAUP Representative
  8. Leigh Greden, Chief of Staff
  9. Walter Kraft, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
  10. Kevin Kucera, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  11. Brett Last, Chief Human Resources Officer
  12. Lauren London, General Counsel
  13. Vicki Reaume, Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Regents
  14. Brooke Boyst, All-Union Council Representative
  15. Anke Wolbert, Full-Time Lecturers and Part-Time Lecturers Representative
  16. Ron Woody, Chief Information Officer
    Support: Casey Wooster, Office of the President

Thank you to the individuals who served on these planning work groups, as well as to those who worked on various subcommittees supporting these efforts and the campus groups that provided valuable feedback, including the Faculty Senate, University Health and Safety Committee, Educational Environment & Facilities Committee, and other faculty input bodies.