Benefits for Students

  • Enhancing the student experience is a primary objective of the partnership. The funds generated will allow the University to make new investments in strategic initiatives that directly assist students and support faculty, retention, recruitment, satisfaction, and a positive campus experience. This partnership furthers the University's strategic mission to promote student success and engagement.
  • Potential opportunities include:
    • Continuous communication focused on informing students about the University’s new infrastructure model and sustainability efforts. For example, a real-time dashboard will showcase the University’s progress toward achieving specific sustainability initiatives after implementing smart metering and reporting systems.
    • The University will have the ability to transform infrastructure and operations into a living laboratory for applied student learning for sustainability. Students can tour the utility plant operation and construction projects in progress. Also, students will be encouraged to share ideas and input for planned projects and sustainability programs on campus.
    • Students could participate in friendly residence hall energy and water consumption reduction competitions.
    • Part-time internship positions for students interested in sustainability, energy, and project management to actively participate in and support projects and programs while learning and contributing.
    • Connections with successful career pathways in the areas of sustainability, energy management, engineering and project management – meaningful careers that align with student interests.
    • Modeling the hit show “Shark Tank,” students can embark on integrated and enhanced entrepreneurship opportunities with a sustainability component.
    • Creating a sustainability platform that provides the opportunity to advance student curriculum, strengthen the University’s social equity focus and enrich the lives of students and the overall campus community. These improvements will also favorably impact Eastern's ratings, rankings, and accreditations.