Meet the Eagle Engage Corps Student Cohort

Taylor, 25

"Affliction is often that thing which prepares an ordinary person, for some sort of an extraordinary destiny." -C.S. Lewis

My junior year, I participated in a mentoring program through EMU that inspired me to create my own mentoring program based on the things that I learned from my experiences and lessons that I knew I still needed to learn. In 2015, I was financially unable to complete my last year at EMU for a multitude of reasons. It was that following year that I founded my non-profit organization Girls That Rock. I was determined to help young women attain their goals through organization and self-awareness. The Engage Corps program has been the experience that I never could have imagined. Having the opportunity to tell my story, and get another chance has been my saving grace. My time away from school only enhanced my passion for helping the community and higher education. I am a better mentor as a result of my transition because I can properly prepare my high school seniors for what's to come. After graduating in December, I plan to move forward in obtaining my Master of Social Work.

Taylor is volunteering with Washtenaw Literacy in Ypsilanti and is majoring in psychology.