The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN) is a statewide university network designed to create partnerships that will connect Michigan’s corporations to critical university assets to help promote innovative research and grow Michigan’s economy. The Network works to keep graduates in Michigan by collaborating with six universities and nine affiliate universities around the state. The list of MCRN Business Engagement Offices are available, here.

Eastern Michigan, in partnership with MCRN, receives support from the Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP) and the Small Company Internship Award (SCIA) program.

MCRN Small Company Internships Award Program

Contact: Mary Jane Fallot, Senior Corporate Relations Manager: [email protected].

The SCIA funding provides students with internships within the community. Allowing them to gain real-world experience through relevant projects, while engaging with small businesses. Many students are placed in businesses that target the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. SCIA strives to promote education outside the classroom in order to create highly-skilled students who are capable of working in innovative Michigan companies following graduation.

To be eligible for the SCIA program, companies must be based in Michigan with significant business operations in the state. The SCIA is a matching grant program where funding for a 12-week internship or co-op position is split evenly between the SCIA and the hosting company.

For updated guidelines on the SCIA program, visit the 2018 SCIA guidelines [PDF] . If you are interested in applying to an internship, fill out the 2018 SCIA Company Information Request form.

MCRN Small Company Innovation Program

Caryn Charter | 734.487.3090 | [email protected]

The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN) Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP) provides matching funds up to $40,000 to Michigan small businesses to help cover the cost of conducting a research project at any state of Michigan public university.

The program is intended to help companies overcome a common challenge faced by small companies and entrepreneurs – getting research and development needs met so they can get to commercialization faster. Often, universities have the expertise and facilities that the company needs, but small companies may not have the connections nor are they able to afford the cost of conducting research and development at a university. The program aims to introduce companies to the benefits of working with
a university to increase the number of university/industry collaborations across the state, and to accelerate a company’s positive economic impact.

MCRN works with businesses across the state, such as Ann Arbor Spark and Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition (AMIC). For a comprehensive list, please visit their site.

The Network consistently empowers students and businesses to grow together. For news and their success stories, visit Michigan Corporate Relations Network.

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