Safety and Health Specialist – General Industry Concentration

Designed for safety professionals with at least five years of occupational safety and health experience in either construction or general industry, participants can earn a Specialist in Occupational Safety and Health certificate after successfully completing a minimum of nine courses, comprised of a minimum of 135 contact hours of training.

Participants must complete a minimum of five required and four elective courses that include a minimum of 135 contact hours of training through OTI Education Center*** and/or EMU courses to earn the Safety and Health Associate (SHA) – General Industry Concentration certificate.

  • Participants must complete the five required courses as listed below.
  • Participants must complete a minimum of four elective courses as listed below.

Required Courses

  • OSHA #511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry (26)
  • OSHA #501 Trainer Course - General Industry (26)
  • OSHA #521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene (26) or Industrial Hygiene - Online (26)**
  • OSHA #7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management (7)
  • OSHA #7505 Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation (14)

Elective Courses

  • OSHA #2015 Hazardous Materials (26) or Hazardous Materials - Online (26)**
  • OSHA #2225 Respiratory Protection (26)
  • OSHA #2255 Principles of Ergonomics (18) or Principles of Ergonomics – Online (18)**
  • OSHA #7300 Understanding OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Standard (7)
    or OSHA #2264 Permit-Required Confined Space Entry (20)
    or Permit Required Confined Spaces – Online (20)**
  • OSHA #3095 Electrical Standards (26)
  • OSHA #7005 Public Warehousing and Storage (7)
  • OSHA #7100 Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding (7) or OSHA #2045 Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards (26)
  • OSHA #7105 Evacuation and Emergency Planning (4)
  • OSHA #7115 Lockout/Tagout (7.5)
  • OSHA #7225 Transitioning to Safer Chemicals (7.5)
  • OSHA #7510 Introduction to OSHA for Small Business (4)
  • OSHA #7845 Recordkeeping Rule Seminar (4)

*Enroll as a certificate program member ($50 membership fee) to receive a 10% discount on each course in your program.

**Online offerings are not official OSHA numbered courses and may not apply to all certificates.

***Certificates must be completed within five years; courses completed more than five years ago may not be applied toward the certificate. You may transfer up to two OSHA numbered courses from another OTI Education Center for this certificate. Please include course certificates with your completed course checklist when requesting your Safety and Health Specialist (SHS) – General Industry Concentration certificate.

Contact [email protected]u to enroll as a certificate program member or receive an application for a completed certificate.

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