Polymers and Coatings

The Coatings Research Institute (CRI) at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is a leading academic-based organization that develops relevant scientific knowledge for understanding and for expanding the science and technology of polymers, coatings, paints, inks, adhesives and related nano-based materials.

What We Can Do

Open Enrollment Training

Through EMU Professional Programs and Training (PPAT), the CRI offers a series of non-credit short courses to help coatings professionals gain the knowledge and skill required to excel in their field. Find a complete list of courses and training dates on our registration site.  

Our Track Record

Since 1985, the CRI has been dedicated to providing solutions to the toughest problems facing the coatings industry. Through CRI short courses, thousands of industry professionals have benefited from this research. Our knowledgeable instructors consistently receive top evaluation scores for their expertise, experience and teaching effectiveness.

Need More Information?

Give us a call at 734.487.8285 or 800.932.8689 or email ppat@emich.edu.

Contact Us

Beth Stoner

For all other inquiries, contact ppat@emich.edu or call 734.487.2259 or 800.932.8689.

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