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Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Professional Programs and Training (PPAT) certificate programs in quality and continuous improvement offer you the opportunity to develop your career and improve your marketability in the workplace.

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Certificate Programs

Lean Six Sigma for Health Care

Lean Six Sigma is a globally respected methodology, used across multiple industries to improve performance, safety and efficiency with a collaborative team effort. Its focal point is on eliminating defects and increasing efficiency. When it comes to health care, Lean Six Sigma can also improve patient satisfaction and reduce; creating safer hospitals overall.

This course is perfect for you if you’re interested in the health care industry, and you want to learn more—and potentially build your career in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s your chance to engage with other students who are also interested in improving the health care industry.

Throughout this 12 week course, you’ll learn the best ways to gather data, effectively solve problems, and implement sustainable solutions within a team.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt training provides a solid understanding of the concept of Six Sigma along with the tools and DMAIC methodology needed to identify and effect significant improvements in quality, cost and customer satisfaction. This course will provide an understanding of how to logically work through problems with teams to effectively provide robust solutions. Green Belts are Six Sigma project leaders capable of forming and facilitating Six Sigma teams and managing Six Sigma projects from concept to completion. Training covers project management, quality management tools, quality control tools, problem solving and descriptive data analysis. Students will learn how to identify improvement opportunities, measure and analyze a process, develop, assess and implement solutions, and establish controls to optimize the fix and sustain the gains.

This instructor-facilitated online Six Sigma Green Belt training program, taught by a Six Sigma Black Belt, consists of 45-contact training hours. Included are practice questions to reinforce concepts as well as the ability to communicate directly with the instructor for clarification and feedback.

Prerequisite: A knowledge of basic algebra, as well as a practical understanding of applied statistics is highly recommended. Registration can be completed on our registration site or by giving us a call at 734.487.2259 or 800.932.8689.

Quality Systems Manager

Gain a basic understanding of a quality system and its development, documentation and implementation. The core requirements focus on a basic understanding of the audit process and the development and implementation of quality programs, including tracking, analyzing and reporting the cost of poor quality.

Manager of Continuous Improvement

This certificate is designed for those who lead process improvement initiatives in their organizations. The program focuses on teaching the skills needed to facilitate and lead teams to plan, deploy and monitor organizational improvements.

Quality Leadership Series

This certificate focuses on helping mid-level managers to become effective leaders in a high-performance organization. Learn to understand and build on core leadership strengths, focus time and energy on high priority tasks, communicate effectively and strategically, build high-performance teams, gain a strong, loyal customer base and plan for the future.

LEAN Change Leader

Get the skills needed to drive lean transformation. Learn lean principles and tools for effectively changing an organization such as how to analyze the current state and direct site teams to deploy lean methodologies by reducing waste leading to improved organizational performance. The core requirements focus on lean implementation including plan, pilot and deploy.

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