Working with EMU Faculty and Departments

Eastern Michigan University Professional Programs and Training (EMU PPAT) offers infrastructure and support services [PDF] to EMU faculty and departments that want to serve industry professionals, graduates, potential EMU students and the community at large through non-credit programming including:

  • Seminars and workshops, including classroom, online, and remote access options
  • Credit with an option for non-credit – or vice versa
  • Micro credentialing
  • Test prep for industry certifications
  • Certificate programs or certifications

Departments benefit from engaging with adult learners and organizations seeking training from subject matter experts. Building on these potential relationships can help departments and programs recruit into undergraduate and graduate degree programs, generate funds to support faculty, programs or student initiatives and provide the opportunity to pilot new programs and gauge customer interest, through a simple process needing minimal approvals.

What We Can Do


Provide a designated point of contact for each non-credit program.

Strategy and Planning

Facilitate strategy sessions with faculty or departments to envision options for non-credit initiatives, evaluate potential markets and create and manage non-credit program plans and schedules.


Register participants and collect payments, market and promote programs, send invoices and process accounts receivable, and provide or arrange for classroom space for non-credit programs.


Coordinate non-credit online programming in Canvas including course management, instructor and participants support and communication including creating, managing and troubleshooting local accounts for non-EMU students.

Marketing and Promotion

Serve as the point of contact for prospective clients and participants and design, produce and distribute online marketing and promotional materials.

Open-Enrollment and Contract Administrative and Accounting Services

Schedule, plan and coordinate open-enrollment and contract training programs.

Fee Structure and Payment Schedule

As a revenue generating campus entity, EMU PPAT works with faculty and departments to determine the level of service required and create a fee structure and payment schedule unique to each program.

Want to Learn More?

Tell us about your proposed program and what level of support you need. We'll follow up to schedule a strategy session.


Contact Us

Beth Stoner
[email protected]

For all other inquiries, contact [email protected] or call 734.487.2259 or 800.932.8689.

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