Creative Campus Partnership with EMU

[email protected] has formed a partnership with the nonprofit organization TimeSlips. This page provides information about TimeSlips and the many resources and opportunities available to faculty, staff and students thanks to this partnership.

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TimeSlips is a non-profit alliance of artists and caregivers bringing meaning and joy to late life through creative engagement. Their core improvisational storytelling method is evidence-based and has been replicated by Certified Facilitators in 47 states and 19 countries. Their Creative Communities of Care training infuses creativity into organizations serving elders including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, senior centers, memory cafés, and museums.  TimeSlips believes every human being deserves to feel meaning and purpose, and that growth and expression is possible all the way through the end of our lives. Learn more at: https://timeslips.org

Learn more about opportunities available to you and your students! 

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    TimeSlips training teaches you how to infuse creativity into everyday care relationships and programming.  Their evidence-based approach ensures that your programming is meaningful and joyful.  Their online interface is easy very user-friendly and they have a support team to guide you through training. 

    Training and Certification are available for Winter 2022! 

    • This is a great opportunity for educators and staff members who teach classes or lead programs that provide opportunities for their students to interact with elder generations. 
    • Click here to learn more about the training opportunities. If you want to learn more please email [email protected]
    • You do not need to become certified in order to go through the training!
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    Are you interested in learning how TimeSlips creative engagement techniques can be incorporated into a new or existing course design? We're happy to help connect you with someone from TimeSlips to help on that process. Please email us at: [email protected] 

    Visit their website to learn more about the research behind TimeSlips techniques and the impact of their approach. 

  • TimeSlips Thursdays at Ypsi Senior Center Expand dropdown

    Are you an older adult in Washtenaw County looking for something to add a little fun to your week? Join us for TimeSlips Thursdays happening March 31, April 7th & 14th, from 12:30pm - 2pm at the Ypsilanti Senior Center

    Each Thursday afternoon you’ll get to laugh, be creative, and have a good time with your fellow community members while telling an inventive story all your own. Sessions are led by a team of facilitators from Eastern Michigan University who are undergoing TimeSlips training. These facilitators will be a mixture of faculty, staff and students from EMU, along with the Ypsilanti Senior Center Director, Monica Prince.

    No storytelling, or performance experience necessary! In fact, TimeSlips techniques were first developed as a way to connect and engage with older adults experiencing dementia. Today, TimeSlips is a tool that people all over the world use to engage older adults in order to ignite their creativity and make their lives richer. COVID-19 protocols will be in place including screening, mask requirements and social distancing. Each session will be limited to 20 participants, and there is no cost to attend. To sign up please call (734) 483-5014

  • Resources for Facilitators Expand dropdown

    Explore many tools available to facilitators on the TimeSlips website that can be used to spark meaningful engagement! Click here to get started.