What is Optimize?

Optimize is a social innovation community that supports student-led social impact projects. Students are the mastermind behind their own ideas! We welcome anything from urban farming, to creating new businesses, to virtual reality gaming, to anything else that you see a need for. Be a pioneer for a just and sustainable future for all in your community.

Optimize is supported and funded by:

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Fight for a future free of oppression!

On October 2, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. EST, Bold Futures and Hero Nation are joining forces to present Heroic Futures, a virtual event that helps students (14-18) identify and address social issues using visioning, entrepreneurship values, comics and superheroes. 

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  • Why

    Students have the opportunity to be a change-maker in their community today. Why wait for a better time or someone else to create your idea? Ask yourself, “why not me?”.
  • How

    • Join. Whether you have an idea or want to add support, you are welcome here!
    • Workshop your ideas to gain perspective, brainstorm, and create a strategic plan.
    • Connect with mentors who support your ideas.
    • Develop your idea and present to the community through the Social Innovation Challenge.
    • Impact your community today.
  • Core Organizing Team

    The Core Organizing Team is a group of students who make Optimize run from beginning to end. Dedicated students work hard to create a environment that is welcoming and open to all ideas, thoughts, and community problems. ;

    Core members pick from various committees related to marketing, events, budgeting, mentoring and so much more.

    CORE Responsibilities include:

    • Organize the Social Innovation Challenge
    • Recruit project teams
    • Tell the story of Optimize through media, photography, writing and much more
    • Manage events for workshops and the showcase
    • Fundraising, communications and much more!

    Join your fellow EMU students who are working to make a change in Ypsilanti and beyond!

  • Optimize Project Team

    Your idea could win you $500! Submit a concept, present your solution, and receive funding!

    Optimize Eastern encourages you to ask "why not me?" as you take the first steps in creating to the solutions you want to see in your community.

    What do you gain?

    • Visioning workshops
    • Design Thinking experience
    • Resume builder
    • Start up funding
    • Public speaking training
    • Networking
    • Friends
    • Access to successful mentors in fields such as tech, health, business, education, nonprofit, science, and much more!

    There are opportunities to win more than $500. Ask a CORE member how by emailing [email protected].

Attend the 2020 Showcase

March 6 from 6–8 p.m.
EMU Honors College

Are you interested in more?

Contact the chapter Vice President Molly Linhares at [email protected].
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Apply to win $500 for the Optimize 2020 Showcase.