Optimize Eastern

Win up to $1000 to make a change!

What is Optimize?

Optimize is a social innovation community that supports student-led social impact projects. Students are the mastermind behind their own ideas! We welcome anything from urban farming, to creating new businesses, to virtual reality gaming, to anything else that you see a need for. Be a pioneers for a just and sustainable future for all in your community.


Students have the opportunity to be a change-maker in their community today. Why wait for a better time or someone else to create your idea? Ask yourself, “why not me?”.

    1. Who?

      1. We have students. Who have diverse experiences. This is a space to showcase these! Students are also encouraged to collaborate with others to create projects and/or share ideas.

      2. We have mentors. Local businesses and nonprofit organizations that help mold ideas and support students through this experience.

      3. We have partners. Local entities that would like to financially support and provide resources for initiatives, to create a lasting impact.

      4. We have EMU. The department of Engage@EMU and faculty are behind students in support of this new organization.

      5. How?

        • JOIN. Whether you have an idea or want to add support, you are welcome here!
        • WORKSHOP your ideas to gain perspective, brainstorm, and create a strategic plan.
        • CONNECT with mentors who support your ideas.
        • DEVELOP your idea and present to the community through the Social Innovation Challenge.
        • IMPACT your community today.
      6. In the end, projects have an opportunity to win up to $1,000 through a symposium and presentations.

      7. Generously supported by

      8. unitedway engage

Are you interested?

Contact the chapter Vice President,

Molly Linhares at optimize.emu@gmail.com


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 Apply Now.

Join our CORE Leadership team OR develop your idea by applying to be a project team.

Optimize members working their booth at an event
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