Engage PPE Project

Project sponsor

Project sponsor

As of August 21, 2020 the Engage@EMU PPE Production Program has made and distributed the following with help and assistance from over 100 diligent community volunteers, Maker Works, Ann Arbor Sewing Center, and faculty members from the EMU Physics, Engineering, and Fashion Marketing Innovations Departments.

  • 6,811 Fabric Masks
  • 270 Face Shields
  • 56 Ear Savers
  • 30 3D-printed, high efficiency filtration masks 

With over 100 individuals (mostly EMU staff, faculty and students) participating in the project which works to make masks, face shields and gowns for St. Joe's, and community organizations in need. With the purchase of 150 yards of fabric, Engage and its volunteer cohort will produce 1,200 masks. Once this first round is complete, more fabric will be purchased and distributed.  Help EMU support this cause or apply to join the Sewing Corps.

Questions on the PPE project and ways to participate can be directed to [email protected]. If community organizations are in need of PPE or other resources during this COVID 19 time. Please fill out this form.

  • Mask Project

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    Here is how it works!

    Volunteers fill out the form identifying their interest in cutting and/or sewing of masks or making face shields. The majority of this project is currently focused on making fabric masks for St. Joe’s hospital and other local medical centers such as Hope Clinic and Corner Health.

    • Once individuals have submitted their volunteer application, Engage staff sends directions for where to pick up fabric if they do not already have their own supply as well as details on specifications for cutting the fabric for the sewing kits.
    • When completed volunteers drop-off the items (either cute fabric or full masks) to the EMU Department of Public Safety bins.
    • Masks are cut and sewed according to approved designs by St. Joe’s.

    Where does the fabric come from and cutting kits?

    • Ann Arbor Sewing Center is working with Engage@EMU to help source the fabric and cutting kits (rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat) for our volunteers.
    • All fabric is located at a pick-up point at EMU Department of Public Safety.
  • Face Shield Project

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    How it Works!
    • Face shields are also in demand at St. Joe’s and other local hospitals. Volunteers can use their own 3D printers and laser cutters and connect with our faculty group to complete. 
    • The headbands of the face shields are then dropped off at the EMU Department of Public Safety bins as well. 
    • Then dropped off to Maker Works in Ann Arbor who attach the shield material and disseminate to local hospitals and medical centers based on need. 
    • Faculty members Dave Pawlowski, Phil Rufe and LaMarcus Stewart are using 3D Printers and Laser cutters to make parts for face shields. 
  • Collaboration

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    Unique to the PPE project is its collaboration with multiple community organizations. Ann Arbor Sewing Center has been integral in assisting EMU with a heavily discounted price on fabric and cutting kits. Maker Works has helped with both the face masks and the face shields. For the face masks, they are helping by providing a framework and model for the sewing kits. Maker Works has helped with the face shields by allowing us to drop off the headband portion of the face shield to them so they can attach the shield component. They have also helped us to team up with Operation Face Shield in Ann Arbor and Protect MI. These groups have supplied us with the most up-to-date and approved face shields that they are continuously working on to make improvements. 

    Engage has been fortunate to work heavily with the head of the Incident Command Center at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. They have told us time and again how grateful of the contributions and generosity of EMU at this critical time. Engage is also reaching out to local organizations to meet their needs as they continue to serve the needs of the Ypsilanti community. Some of these organizations include: Family Empowerment Program, Hope Clinic, Corner Health etc. 

  • Thank You Notes to St. Joe’s Workers

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    Engage is also working to thank the workers at St. Joe’s by putting together cards written by the community. These notes will be printed and dropped off to St. Joe’s donation center where they will distribute to staff. Currently, we have 100 cards written set to go to the hospital. You can write one too! 
  • Projects Down the Line

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    Reusable gowns that can be used for the temporary protection of healthcare workers may be in development. Engage has received a request from St. Joe’s for these gowns. Staff at Engage are reaching out to EMU Costume and Apparel faculty to see if this is feasible for them. If it is, Engage will partner by providing material and a pick-up/drop-off point for them.