Beverley Goodman

A photo of Beverley Goodman

Associate Professor

English Language and Literature

612Q Pray-Harrold



  • Ph.D., Cornell

Interests and Expertise

I cover the areas of phonetics and phonology. My training is primarily in theoretical phonology. I am also interested in the phonetic documentation and analysis of well-known languages as well as previously undocumented or under-documented languages and/or dialects.

My current research projects include strictly theoretical issues as well as the close analysis of the phonetic (articulatory and acoustic) and phonological properties of primary linguistic data and the implications of this for phonological theory. I have recently become engaged in the exploration of the role that perception plays in the interpretation of impoverished phonetic input.


  • LNGE 223 Introduction to Language
  • Introduction to linguistic analysis
  • History of English
  • LING 420W Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
  • Phonological analysis
  • Morphological analysis
  • Experimental acoustic phonetics

Publications and Presentations

  • "Long Distance Geminates and Feature Geometry," FLSM III: Papers from the Third Annual Meeting of the Formal Linguistics Society of Mid-America.
  • "Takelma Dissimilation and the Form of the OCP," Working Papers of the Cornell Phonetics Laboratory #7.
  • "Implications of Pomo Epenthesis for a Theory of Syllabification," Proceedings of CLS 26: Parasession on the Syllable in Phonetics and Phonology.
  • "Ponapean Labiovelarized Labials: Evidence for Internal Segment Structure," NELS 21.
  • "Takelma Verbal Morphology," NELS 18.
Recent Conference Presentations
  • Auditory Distinctiveness and the Perception of Voiceless Stop Consonants in Continuous Speech (Co-authored with Jason Bishop)
  • The Production and Perception of American English /p,t,k/ (Co-authored with Jason Bishop)
  • Vowel Reduction and Syncope in American English (Co-authored with Stephanie Gelderloss)
  • Phonological Weight and Phonetic Duration
  • Phonetic Duration and the Tense/Lax Distinction in American English (Co-authored with Maria Gouskova and Laura Sabadini)
  • Ponapean Weight and [+/-consonantal]
  • Binary Features and Consonant-Vowel Interactions in Ponapean