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Cheryl Cassidy


614Q Pray-Harrold




PhD, University of Michigan

Interests and Expertise

Cheryl Cassidy joined Eastern Michigan University in 1990. Her specialties include teaching writing with first-year Honors students and upper-level students. She also teaches graduate courses in Women’s Rhetoric.

Professor Cassidy’s research focuses on nineteenth-century British and American prose, especially examining the formation of collective identities based upon commonly held social and religious views. Her recent research examines nineteenth-century female missionary photographs and she is currently researching American missionaries in Hawaii.

Beyond her teaching and research, Professor Cassidy is involved in a number of professional associations.


Writing, Style and Technology
Freshman Composition
Women's Rhetoric

Recent Publications and Presentations

"Bringing the 'New Woman' to the Mission Site: Louise Manning Hodgkins and the Heathen Woman's Friend." American Periodicals, 16 (2006): 172-99.

Women and Empire 1750-1930: Primary Sources on Gender and Anglo-Imperialism, India, 1830-1930. vols 1-5. London: Routledge, 2009.

Children and Empire. (History of Feminism) vols 1-4. London: Routledge, 2012.