Eastern Michigan University
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Chalice Randazzo

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Written Communication

 Pray-Harrold 613A



PhD, Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University, 2015
Master of Professional Communication, Westminster College (Salt Lake City), 2008
BS, Psychology, Utah State University, 2004

Interests and Expertise

Chalice joined Eastern's Written Communications Program in 2015. Her teaching and scholarship bridge Technical Communication and Rhetoric/Composition. Drawing on silence, genre, rhetorical listening, and cultural rhetoric theories, her scholarship critically considers the cultural underpinnings and impacts of technical documents. Her current research project compares writers' strategies and hirers' expectations for the US resume and cover letter, with implications for writing pedagogy and methods.


WRTG121: Composition II: Researching the Public Experience
WRTG 324W: Principles of Technical Communication
WRTG 428: Writing Computer Documentation
WRTG 500: Introduction to Graduate Study in Written Communication

Recent Publications and Presentations

Forthcoming January 2019. About Face: Reflexively Considering “Audience” in Hiring Situations. Journal of Business and Technical Communication.

2016. Where do they go? Students’ sources of résumé advice, and implications for critically reimagining the résumé assignment. Technical Communication Quarterly, 25(4), 278-297. 

2015. Hearing silence: Toward a mixed-method approach for studying exclusion. Composition Forum, 31. Retrieved from http://compositionforum.com/issue/31/hearing-silence.php

2012. Positioning resumes and cover letters as reflective-reflexive process. Business Communication Quarterly, 75(4), 377-391.

Selected Presentations
“Listening to Sexuality’s Silence in the U.S. Résumé." Feminisms and Rhetorics (Oct 2017)

"Nationality and Racism in TPC’s Definition of ‘Diversity’." Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (Oct 2017)

“Culture-->Silence-->Progress in the U.S. Résumé.” Cultural Rhetorics (Sept 2016)

"Alliance building and researcher neutrality in qualitative research: Implications for human-subjects research in composition." Conference on College Composition and Communication (April 2016)

"What do we know? Researching the 'obvious' in TC assignments." Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (Oct 2015)

"Reconsidering resumes in cultural contexts: Thoughts for teaching genres." Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (Sept 2014)

"Props to the Eye-Candyman: Visualizing interest and rhetorical influence." Association for Teachers of Technical Writing (March 2014)

"Opening silences: Rhetorical Listening over multiple methods." Conference on College Composition and Communication (March 2014)