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Ian Wojcik-Andrews


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PhD, University of Connecticut, 1990

Interests and Expertise

Professor Wojcik-Andrews has been a faculty member since 1990. His focus is on children's literature, children's film, and film theory.

Professor Wojcik-Andrews' contribution to the Eastern community is invaluable. He has served on numerous departmental committees, from Elections, Personnel and Finance, Children's Literature, Curriculum, and Graduate. He sits on the Children's Literature Advisory Board, and is an Honors Thesis Reader. He also advises both undergrad and graduate students.

Beyond the university, he is a member of the Children's Literature Association Article Awards Committee, and has served as an MLA Delegate, Children's Literature Division.


Introduction to Children's Literature
Folk Literature: Ballads and Tales
Children's Literature: Criticism and Response
Film and Ideology

Recent Publications and Presentations

Children's Films: History, Ideology, Pedagogy, and Theory 

"Telling Tales to Children: The Pedagogy of Empire in MGM's Kim and Disney's Aladdin" 

Margarte Drabble's Female Bildungsromane: Genre and Gender 

"The Politics of Children's Films" 

"The Politics of Humor: An Interview with Margaret Drabble"