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Steven D. Krause


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PhD, Bowling Green State University

Interests and Expertise

I grew up in eastern Iowa, earned a BA in English at the University of Iowa, an MFA in Fiction Writing at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing at Bowling Green State University. I joined the faculty at EMU in 1998.

Most of my teaching focuses on the relationships between writing and technology. I frequently point out that I am an expert in writing who uses computers and not an expert in computers who uses writing. However, since I have been invested in the use of technologies like the Internet to facilitate my teaching since the early 90s (email, newsgroups, web pages, synchronous discussion forums, blogs, etc), I suppose I am a "computer expert" of a sort, too. Technology can’t replace good teaching nor can it solve the problems of bad teaching. But I do think that instructional technology simultaneously facilitates and questions the student-centered classroom in interesting ways that has made me a better teacher.

My homepage is at: stevendkrause.com



Rhetoric of Science and Technology
Computers and Writing, Theory and Practice
Research in Theory and Practice of Writing
Topics in Professional Writing: Multimedia Writing


Researching the Public Experience
Writing, Style, and Technology
Critical Digital Literacies
Writing in the Professional World
Writing for the World Wide Web

Recent Publications and Presentations

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