Harry Eiss

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English Language and Literature

614N Pray-Harrold




  • Ph.D., Creative Writing, English, University of North Dakota
  • MS, Twentieth Century Humanities, Minnesota State University
  • BA, English, University of Minnesota
  • BA, Humanities, University of Minnesota
  • His dissertation was in creative writing.
  • He took post-graduate work at the University of Connecticut.
  • He has also been a scholar at several NEH sponsored events.

Interests and Expertise

In addition to over 100 professional lectures and numerous articles, he has published over a dozen books on wide ranging topics, including neurology, psychology, theology, philosophy, art, literature and mathematics. He is currently a full professor in the English department at EMU, specializing in mythology, children's literature and creative writing. Check out his publications on his website.

Dr. Eiss' teaching has been widely recognized. Among his many awards and honors are:

  • Special Service Award, Sigma Tau Delta
  • Faculty Center for Instructional Effectiveness Grant for Teaching Innovations, EMU
  • National Mitzu Award for innovation teaching
  • Two Merit Awards for Outstanding Faculty, NMC.


He has taught numerous english, humanities and other liberal arts courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels throughout his career, and was one of the first faculty at EMU to put in place and teach the numerous innovative courses offered online and around the state. He even took the graduate program to Montana for three years.

Publications and Presentations

For an overview of recent books, view Harry Eiss' website.

Selected Professional Service

  • Chair, Children's Area, Popular Culture Association
  • Society of Children's Book Writers
  • President Emeritus, Michigan College English Association (MCEA)
  • International Research Society of Children's Literature