WRTG 121 Equivalency Credit Portfolio Process

Some students come to EMU from other colleges or universities where they have already taken a required writing course. If you have taken a writing course at another college or university, you might be eligible to receive credit for WRTG 121 at EMU.

Online, you can find a list of pre-approved courses (and their equivalent EMU courses) from specific colleges or universities as well as additional information on transfer credit policies at EMU. If your previous college or university is listed, you can enter the course number that you have taken and see what the EMU course equivalent is, and then work with your advisor to receive credit for that EMU course.

If your previous college or university is not on the list, then we do not have a transfer articulation agreement with that school, and you can try instead to receive credit for WRTG 121 by submitting a WRTG 121 Equivalency Portfolio.

Your WRTG 121 Equivalency Portfolio must include:

  • Your student information (full name and EID);
  • Specific information about the course (please include a syllabus for the course whenever possible);
  • A written reflection or cover letter detailing how your writing from that course fulfills EMU’s general education-approved course outcomes for WRTG 121; and
  • At least 2 samples of your research-based writing from that course.

All of these items should be combined into one PDF file and then sent by email to [email protected]. You may also include the Director and Associate Director of First-year Writing in that email.

Once your portfolio is received, it will be reviewed within two weeks. The directors of First-year Writing will read all items submitted and determine whether or not the writing course you took at another college or university was a research-based writing course that is equivalent to WRTG 121 and its course outcomes.

If you have questions about the portfolio process, you may contact the directors of the First-year Writing Program

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