Eastern Michigan University
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The Celebration of Student Writing (CSW)

34th Semiannual, Thursday, April 12, 2018

3:30-5:30 p.m.
EMU Student Center Grand Ballroom
Open to the public
For more information about this event's history at EMU, visit http://fywp.emuenglish.org/w/Celebration_of_Student_Writing.



To learn more about the event, watch the video (above) by J.C. Mendez from the April 2014 event or interact with the timeline below by clicking on the right and left arrows in the main (top) panel or by selecting items in the slider area (bottom). The media-rich timeline is constituted with images, audio clips, tweets, and video created for a special issue of EM-Journal by students and instructors from WRTG120: Composition I: Writing the College Experience at Eastern Michigan University's 2012 Celebration of Student Writing.



Contributors: Alexis Alston, Juwan Archie, Evan Bagwell, Charles Buthia, Alysha Dobrick, Jasmine East, Erica Everett, Darashay Felder, Sasha Fox, Chris Groce, Tashai Hill, Asia Hyman, KD King, Connor Kooyers, Holly Kuhnle, Matthew McCullum, Rachel Rickard, Markus Rogers, Aylen Rounds, Dasia Slaughter, Denzel Thomas, and Jalen Yancey.

Video projects about the event include Steve Krause's from 2006 and Chelsea Lonsdale's from 2013.