Annual JNT: Journal of Narrative Theory Faculty Travel Award

JNT is seeking applications for a $500 travel award for tenured or tenure-track English Department faculty members with an investment in narrative theory and cultural studies. The award must be used to present a conference paper or to chair a JNT-sponsored conference panel related to the focus of the journal within one calendar year.

Awardees will be expected to promote the journal during the conference by handing out flyers and soliciting promising presentations as potential submissions to the journal.

To apply for the award, provide an abstract of your conference paper (or a description of your proposed panel) as well as confirmation of its acceptance by February 4, 2017 to Abby Coykendall and Elisabeth Däumer. Applications can be submitted either by email ( and or as a hardcopy left in each of our departmental mailboxes.

Preference will be given to faculty members whose presentations/panels and conferences most relate to the focus of the journal, especially those who have yet to receive the travel award (or who have not received the award in a long time) to ensure that the funds rotate through eligible faculty.