Special Issues

Refugee Literatures: Migration, Crisis, and the Humanities, Vol. 50.3 (2020)
Edited by Hadji Bakara and Joshua L. Miller

Bodies/Objects/Agents, Vol. 49.3 (2019)
Edited by Holly Dugan and Melissa Jones

Women's Experimental Forms, Vol. 48.3 (2018)
Edited by Rowena Kennedy-Epstein

Dis/enabling Narratives, Vol 47.3 (2016)
Edited by Essaka Joshua

Consensual Empires, Vol. 44.3 (2014)

Edited by Nataša Kovačević

Muriel Rukeyser, Vol. 43.3 (2013)
Edited by Elisabeth Däumer

Decolonizing Narrative Theory, Vol. 42.3 (2012)
Edited by Sue J. Kim

Popular Shakespeares: Modes, Media, Bodies, Vol. 41.3 (2011)
Edited by Ayanna Thompson

Non/Narrative, Vol. 41.1 (2011)
Edited by Carla Harryman

Narrating Cities, Vol. 39.3 (2009)
Edited by Adam Hansen

Realism in Retrospect Volume 2, Vol. 38.1 (2008)
Edited by Audrey Jaffe and Abby Coykendall

Premodern to Modern Humanisms: The BABEL Project, Vol. 37.2 (2007)
Edited by Eileen Joy and Christine Neufeld

Realism in Retrospect Volume 1, Vol. 36.3 (2006)
Edited by Audrey Jaffe and Abby Coykendall

Travel and the Body, Vol. 35.3 (2005)
Edited by Marguerite Helmers and Tilar J. Mazzeo

Narrative Emotion: Feeling, Form and Function, Vol. 34.3 (2004)
Edited by Jeffrey Pence and Ingrid Geerken

Benjamin and Bakhtin, Vision and Visuality, Vol. 33.1 (2003)
Edited by John Docker and Subhash Jaireth

Benjamin and Bakhtin, New Approaches--New Contexts, Vol. 32.3 (2002)
Edited by John Docker and Subhash Jaireth

Cinema and Narrative, Vol. 30.3 (2000)
Edited by Mary Gallucci and Ian Wojcik-Andrews

The Masses in U.S. Literature and Culture, Vol. 29.3 (1999)
Edited by Joel Woller

Feminist Historicism and British Narrative, 1600-1900, Vol. 28.3 (1998)
Edited by Devoney Looser

Theorizing Contemporary Hispanic Fiction, Vol. 27.1 (1997)
Edited by Francisco LaRubia-Prado