Volume 10

Number 1 (Winter 1980)
· Sulfridge, Cynthia. "The Unfortunate Traveller: Nash's Narrative in a 'Cleane Different Vaine'"
· Manlove, C.N. " The Image of the Journey in Pilgrim's Progress: Narrative versus Allegory"
· Con Davis, Robert. "The Symbolic Father in Yoknapatawpha County"
· Osland, Dianne. "Fielding's Amelia: Problem Child or Problem Reader?"
· Roulston, Robert. "Traces of Tono-Bungay in The Great Gatsby

Number 2
(Spring 1980)
· Kahn, John E. "The Protean Narrator, and the Case of Trollop's Barsetshire Novels"
· Johnson, Glen M. "Richardson's Editor in Clarissa"
· Fifer, Elizabeth. "Guardians and Witnesses: Narrative Technique in Gertrude Stein's Useful Knowledge"
· Solberg, Sarah. "Dickens and Illustrations: A Matter of Perspective"
·Bengal, Michael H. "Fiction, Biography, History: Nabokov's The Gift"

Number 3
(Fall 1980)
· Scarry, Elaine. "Enemy and Father: Comic Equilibrium of Number Fourteen of Vanity Fair"
· Rodgers, Lise. "The Book and the Flower: Rationatility and Sensuality in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Jenny"
· Roskies, D.M. "Alan Sillitoe's Anti-Pastoral"
· Riley, Samuel M. "The Contrast between Beowulf and Hycelac"
· Loveday, Simon. "The Style of John Fowles: Tense and Person in the First Chapter of Daniel Martin"