Volume 12

Number 1 (Winter 1982)
· Strehle, Susan. "Disclosing Time: William Gaddis's JR"
· O'Bryan, Daniel. "Sodom and Gomorrah: The Use of the Vulgate in Cleanness"
· Benstock, Shari and Bernard Benstock. "Narrative Sources and the Problem of Ulysses"
· Graves, Lila. "Locke's Essay and Sterne's 'Work Itself'"
· Harris, Susan. "Narrative Structure in Mark Twain's Joan of Arc"
· Trachtenberg, Stanley. "The Way that Girl Pressed Against You on the Subway: Ronald Sukenick's Real Act of the Imagination"

Number 2 (Spring 1982)
· Pladott, Dinnah. "Faulkner's A Fable: A Heresy or a Declaration of Faith?"
· Hewitt, Rosalie. "A 'Home Address for the Self': Mary McCarthy's Autobiographical Journey"
· Achilles, Jochen. "Donald Barthelme's Aesthetic of Inversion: Caligari's Come-Back as Caligari's Leave-Taking"
· Hite, Molly. "'Holy-Center-Approaching' in the novels of Thomas Pynchon"
· Wineapple, Brenda. "The Travesty of Literalism: Two Novels by John Hawkes"
· Marks, Barry A. 'The making of a Humorist: The Narrative Strategy of Huckleberry Finn"
· Ferris, Ina. "Realist Intention and Mythic Impulse in Daniel Martin"

Number 3 (Fall 1982)
· Friedrich, Reinhard H. "Necessary Inadequacies: Poe's 'Tale of the Rugged Mountains' and Borges' 'South'"
· Perlis, Alan D. "Coleridgre and Conrad: Spectral Illuminations, Widening Frames"
· Hume, Kathryn. "Vonnegut's Self-Projections: Symbolic Characters and Symbolic Fiction"
· Osland, Dianne. "Tied back to Back: The Discourse Between Poet and Player and the Exhortations of Parson Adams in Joseph Adams"
· Wagner, Linda. "Save Me the Waltz: An Assessment in Craft"
· Mulford, Carla. "Fitzgerald, Perkins and The Great Gatsby"
· Hostetler, Norman H. "Narrative Structure and Theme in 'Young Goodman Brown'"