Volume 13

Number 1 (Winter 1983)
· Couser, G. Thomas. "Going After Cacciato: The Romance and the Real War"
· Hennings, Tom. "Singer's 'Gimpel the Fool' and The Book of Hosea"
· Mundhenk, Rosemary. "Patterns of Irresolution in Eliot's The Mill on the Floss"
· Erickson, Donlad H. "Bleak House and Victorian Art and Illustration: Charles Dickens's Visual Narrative Style"
· Stewart, David H. "Orality in Kipling's Kim"

Number 2 (Spring 1983)
· Schwarz, Daniel R. "The Importance of Ian Watt's The Rise of the Novel"
· Westervelt, Linda A. "'The Growing Complexity of Things': Narrative Technique in The Portrait of a Lady"
· Schell, John F. "Prose Prefaces and Romantic Poets: Insinuation and Ethos"
· Forshay, Toby A. "Yeats's 'Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen': Chronology, Chronography, and Chronic Misreading"
· Forrest, James F. "Vision, Form, and the Imagination in the Second Part of The Pilgrim's Progress"

Number 3 (Fall 1983)
· Uba, George R. "Howells and the Practical Utopia: The Allegorical Structure of the Altrurian Romances"
· McCrea, Brian. "Politics and Narrative Technique in Fielding's Amelia"
· Hannay, John. "Coincidence and Analytic Reduction in the "Ithaca" Episode in Ulysses"
· Ditsky, John. "'Listening with Supersensual Ear': Music in the Novels of Willa Cather"
· Levin, Gerald. "The Musical Style of The Waves"
· Ireland, K.R. "Rite at the Center: Narrative Duplication in Susan Hill's In the Springtime of the Year"