Volume 14

Number 1 (Winter 1984)
· Rubenstein, Roberta. "From Detritus to Discovery: Margaret Drabble's The Middle Ground"
· Campbell, Jane. "Reaching Outward: Versions of Reality in The Middle Ground"
· Fowler, Douglas. "Story into Chapter: Thomas Pynchon's Transformation of 'Under the Rose'"
· Butler, James Robert. "The American Quest for Pure Movement in Bellow's Henderson the Rain King"
· Gerlach, John. "Closure in Henry James's Short Fiction"
· Johnston, Kenneth G. "Hemingway and Freud: The Tip of the Iceberg"

Number 2 (Spring 1984)
· Orlov, Paul A. "Technique as Theme in An American Tragedy"
· Gabler, Janet A. "The Narrators' Script: James's Complex Narration in The Bostonians"
· Nathan, Rhoda B. "The Farce that Failed: James's The Spoils of Poynton"
· Gaudino, Rebecca J. Kruger. "The Riddle of The Confidence Man"
· Mulderig, Gerald P. "The Rhetorical Design of Carlyle's The Life of John Sterling"

Number 3 (Fall 1984)
· Pickering, Samuel, Jr. "The 'Ambiguous Circumstances of Pamela': Early Children's Books and the Attitude Towards Pamela"
· Davis, R. Evans. "An Allegory of America in Melville's Billy Budd"
· Seed, David. "Media and Newsreels in Dos Passos' U.S.A."
· Richard, Jeremy. "Latin Narrative Syntax in Virgil and Milton"
· Gross, Beverly. "'A Mind Divided Against Itself': Madness in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
· DeGraaff, Robert M. "Self-Articulating Characters in David Copperfield"