Volume 15

Number 1 (Winter 1985)
· Wagner, Linda W. "Sylvia Plath's Specialness in Her Short Stories"
· Wirth Nesher, Hana. "The Ethics of Narration in D.M. Thomas's The White Hotel"
· Manning, Stephen. "The Paradox of the Narrative Styles in Chaucer's The Clerk's Tale"
· Skinner, John L. "'A Rose for Emily': Against Interpretation"
· Stewart, D.H. "Kipling's Kim: Rehearsals and Echoes"
· Tintner, Adeline R. "The Use of Stupidity as a Narrative Device: The Gullible Teller in James's 'Louisa Plant'"
· Knapp, Shoshana. "The Morality of Creation: Dostoevsky and William James in LeGuin's 'Omelas'"
· Richter, David H. "Covert Plot in Isak Dinesen's 'Sorrow Acre'"

Number 2
(Spring 1985)
· Pladott, Dinnah. "William Faulkner: The Tragic Enigma"
· Nitecki, Alicia K. "'Fen3eit of the New': Authority in The Testament of Cresseid"
· Gadomski, Kenneth E. "Narrative Style in King Horn and Havelock the Dane"
· Rankin, Ian. "Surface and Structure: Reading Muriel Spark's The Driver's Seat"
· Walker, Jeanne Murray. "Exchange Short-Circuited: The Isolated Scientist in H.G. Wells's The Invisible Man"
· Mason, Kenneth M, Jr. "George Eliot's Mill on the Floss: Tragic Harvest and Pastoral Deceit"
· Reddy, Maureen T. "Gaskell's 'The Grey Woman': A Feminist Palimpsest"

Number 3 (Fall 1985)
· Clark-Beattie, Rosemary. "Middlemarch's Dialogic Style"
· Scanlon, Patrick M. "Emblematic Narrative and the Argument of Love in Sidney's New Arcadia"
· Beiderwell, Bruce. "The Coherence of Our Mutual Friend"
· Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin. "'Faithful Narrator' or 'Partial Eulogist': First-Person Narration in Bronte's Villette"
· Dowling, David. "A Passage to India through 'The Spaces Between the Words'"
· Norman, Rose. "Fugal Technique in Johnson's Rasselas"
· Panja, Shormishta. "A Self-Reflective Parable of Narration: The Fairie Queene IV"