Volume 16

Number 1 (Winter 1986)
· Creese, Richard. "Abstracting and Recording Narration in The Good Soldier and The End of the Affair"
· Fludernik, Monika. "Narrative and Its Development in Ulysses"
· Crawford, Iain. "Sex and Seriousness in David Copperfield"
· MacKethan, Lucinda H. "From the Fugitive Slave to Man of Letters: The Conversion of Frederick Douglas"
· Bossche, Chris R. Vanden. "Desire and Deferral of Closure in Carlyle's Sartor Resartus and The French Revolution"

Number 2 (Spring 1986)
· Bensko, John. "Reflexive Narration in Contemporary American Poetry: Some Examples from Mark Strand, John Ashberry,
· Norman Dubie, and Louis Simpson"
· Cobley, Evelyn. "Narrating the Facts of War: New Journalism in Herr's Dispatches and Documentary Realsim in First World War Novels"
· Sutton, Mark Keith. "How Listeners Shape Stories: A Model for Readers in Brown's Fo'c's'le Yarns"
· Jackson, Fleda Brown. "A Sermon Without Exegesis: The Achievement of Stasis in The Rise of Silas Lapham"
· Olsen, Lance. "A Guydebook to the Last Modernist: Davenport on Davenport and Da Vinci's Bicycle"

Number 3
(Fall 1986)
· Kuehl, John. "The Ludic Impulse in Recent American Fiction"
· Bromberg, Pamela S. "The Development of Narrative Technique in Margaret Drabble's Novels"
· Garrett-Goodyear J.H. "'The Rapture of Endless Approximation': The Role of the Narrator in Pnin"
· Jacobs, N. M. "Gender and Layered Narrative in Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"
· Tavormina, M. Teresa. "Dressing the Spirit: Clothworking and Language in The Color Purple"
· Mathews, Linda. "Shaping of Life of Man: Darl Bundren as Supplementary Narrator in As I Lay Dying"