Volume 17

Number 1 (Winter 1987)
· Caserio, Robert. "Story, Discourse, and Anglo-American Philosophy of Action"
· Jonnes, Denis. "Family Pattern, Critical Method, Narrative Model"
· Schwarz, Daniel R. "'Tell Us Again in Plain Words': An Introduction to Reading Joyce's Ulysses"
· Ryals, Clyde de L. "Levity's Rainbow: Browning's 'Christmas Eve'"
· Kerrigan, Catherine. "Underground Men: Dostoevsky in the Work of Hugh MacDiarmind"
· Berryman, Charles. "Atwood's Narrative Quest"
· Wegner, Gregory R. "Hawthorne's 'Ethan Brand' and the Structure of the Literary Sketch"
· Gabler-Hover, Janet A. "Sympathy Not Empathy: The Intent of Narration in Huckleberry Finn"
· Tintner, Adeline R. "The Narrative Structure of Old New York: Text and Pictures in Edith Wharton's Quartet of Linked Stories"
· Corn, Peggy Ward. "'Combinational Delight': The Uses of the Story Within a Story in Pale Fire"
· Jaffe, Audrey. "Omniscience in Our Mutual Friend: On Taking the Reader by Surprise"
· Giffone, Tony. "Putting Master Humphrey Back Together Again"
· Stampfl, Barry. "'As Ifs' Against Knowing in Conrad: Two Types of Anti-Conjectural Simile"
· Facknitz, Mark A. R. "Cryptic Allusions and the Moral of the Story: The Case of Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Sharer'"
· Skinner, John. "The Oral and the Written: Kurtz and Gatsby Revisited"

Number 2 (Spring 1987)
· Blackall, Jean Frantz. "Edith Wharton's Art of Ellipsis"
· Lockridge, Ernest. "F. Scott Fitzgerald's Trompe l'Oliel and The Great Gatsby's Buried Plot"
· Gaughan, Richard T. "Mr. Hyde and Mr. Seek: Utterson's Antidote"
· Magee, William H. "Instrument of Growth: The Courtship and Marriage Plot in Jane Austen's Novels"
· Sawicki, Joseph. "'The Mere Truth Won't Do': Esther as Narrator in Bleak House"
· Jackson, Selwyn. "Distance and the Communication Model"

Number 3 (Fall 1987)
· Kempton, Daniel. "Chaucer's Knight and the Knight's Theseus: 'And Though That He Were Worthy, He Was Wys'"
· Wallen, Martin. "Re-enactment and Reclamation in The Road to Xanadu"
· Kinney, Clare R. "Fragmentary Excess, Copious Dearth: The Wasteland as Anti-Narrative"
· Howard, Susan K. "The Intrusive Audience in Fielding's Amelia"
· Sylvia, Richard A. "'Parabolic Drift' as Narrative Method in Tennyson's Idylls: A New Reading of 'The Holy Grail'"
· Cyr, Marc D. "The Archangel Raphael: Narrative Authority in Milton's War in Heaven"