Volume 18

Number 1 (Winter 1988)
· Schwarz, Daniel. "Humanistic Formalism: A Theoretical Defense"
· Maxwell, Joan. "Delighting in a Bite: James's Seduction of His Readers in The Bostonians"
· Zahlan, Anne Ricketson. "City as Carnival, Narrative as Palimpsest: Lawrence Durrell's The Alexandia Quartet"
· Carrard, Phillipe. "Telling the Game: Baseball as an AP Report"
· Daleski, H. M. "Imagining Revolution: The Eye of History and of Fiction"
· Ferris, Ina. "The Historical Novel and the Problem of Beginning: The Model of Scott"

Number 2 (Spring 1988)
· Egan, Susanna. "Breytenbach's Mouroir: The Novel as Autobiography"
· Gordon, David J. "Character and Self in Autobiography"
· Aercke, Kristiaan P. "Theatrical Background in English Novels of the Seventeenth Century"
· Linkin, Harriet Kramer. " Narrative Technique in 'And Occurrence at owl Creek Bridge'"
· Jones, Deborah L. "Hawthorne's Post-Platonic Paradise: The Inversion of Allegory in Rappaccini's Daughter"
· Lockridge, Ernest. "Faithful in Her Fashion: Catherine Barkley, the Invisible Hemingway Heroine"

Number 3 (Fall 1988)
· Pickrel, Paul. "Flat and Round Characters Reconsidered"
· Barzilai, Shuli. "Virginia Woolf's Pursuit Truth: 'Monday or Tuesday,' 'Moments of Being' and 'The Lady in the Looking Glass'"
· Waterhouse, Ruth. "Self-Reflexivity and 'Wraetlic word' in Bleak House and Andreas"
· Bock, Carol A. "Storytelling and the Multiple Audiences of Shirley"
· Sherman, Joseph. "Author Versus Narrator in The Penitent: Reconsidering Isaac Bashevis Singer's 'Tirade'"
· Bohheim, Helmut. "Narrative Technique in Emily Dickinson's 'My life had stood a loaded gun'"
· Citron, Jo Ann. "Running the Basepaths: Baseball and Jane Austen"