Volume 19

Number 1 (Winter 1989)
· Cohn, Dorritt. "Fictional versus Historical Lives: Borderlines and Borderline Cases"
· Edwards, Lee. "Schizophrenic Narrative"
· Chambers, Ross. "Narrative and Other Triangles"
· Rader, Ralph. "A Comparative Anatomy of Three Baggy Monsters"
· Phelan, James. "Reading for the Character and Reading for the Progression: John Wemmick and Great Expectations"
· Schwarz, Daniel. "Character and Characterization: An Inquiry"
· Richter, David. "Murder in Jest: Serial Killing in the Post-Modern Detective Story"
· Reising, Russell J. "Figuring Himself Out: Spencer Brydon, 'The Jolly Corner,' and Cultural Change"
· Kayes, Jamie Barlowe. "Reading Against the Grain: The Powers and Limits of Feminist Criticism of American Narratives"
· Friedman, Susan Stanford. "The Return of the Repressed in Women's Narratives"
· Rimmon-Kenan, Schlomith. "How the Model Neglects the Medium: Linguistics, Language and the Crisis of Narratology"
· Bialostosky, Don H. "Dialogics, Narratology and the Virtual Space of Discourse"

Number 2 (Spring 1989)
· Wilson, Raymond J. III. "The Misreading of Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward : Narrative and Interpretive Strategies in the Context of Censorship"
· Macdonald, D. L. "Bathos and Repetition: The Uncanny in Radcliffe"
· Tench, Darby. "Narrative Presence and Narrative Structure in Verga's Early Novels"
· Norton, Alexandra M. "The Seeds of Fiction: George Eliot's Scenes of a Clerical Life"
· Wallace, Tata Ghoshal. "Walter Scott and Feminine Discourse: The Case of St. Ronan's Well"

Number 3 (Fall 1989)
· Weisenburger, Steven C. "Errant Narrative and The Color Purple"
· King, James Roy. "Narrative Disjunction and Conjunction in Rumi's Mathnawi"
· Skinner, John. "Ford Maddox Ford's The Good Soldier: A Narratalogical cas limite"
· Hiltner, Judith R. "From Pisgah to Egypt: Narrative Continuities in Melville's Israel Potter and 'The Two Temples'"
· Greer, Creed. "Kurt Vonnegut and the Character of Words"
· Stowe, William W. "Simenon, Maigret and Narrative"