Volume 20

Number 1 (Winter 1990)
· Talib, I. S. "Conrad's Nostromo and the Reader's Understanding of Anachronic Narratives"
· Diephouse, Daniel. "The Sense of Ends in Graham Greene and The Power and the Glory"
· Lockridge, Ernest. "'Primitive Emotions': A Tragedy of Revenge Called The Sun Also Rises"
· Daleski, H. M. "A Perfect Spy and a Great Tradition"
· Neumann, Anne Waldron. "Escaping the 'Time of History': Present Time and the Occasion of Narration in J.M. Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians"

Number 2
(Spring 1990)
· Heinzelman, Susan Sage. "Women's Petty Treason: Feminism, Narrative and the Law"
· Keen, Suzanne. "Narrative Annexes in Charlotte Bronte's Shirley"
· Stivale, Charles J. "Duty, Desire and Dream: Maupassant's 'Le Petite Rogue'"
· Rebolledo, Tey Diana. "Narrative Strategies of Resistance in Hispana Writing"
· Green, Jennifer M. "Stories in an Exhibition: Narrative and Nineteenth-Century Photographic Documentary"
· Shiner, Larry. "Flaubert's Parrot, Agee's Swan: From 'Reality Effect' to 'Fiction Effect'"
· Schwarz, Daniel R. "The Narrative of Paul de Man: Texts, Issues, Significance"
· Caserio, Robert L. "'A Pathos of Uncertain Agency': Paul de Man and Narrative"
· Marks, Elaine. "'Getting Away with Murd(h)er': Author's Preface and Narrator's Text. Reading Marguerite Yourcenar's 'Coup de Grace' 'after Auschwitz'"
· Brenner, Gerry. "More Than a Reader's Response: A Letter to 'De Ole Ture Huck'
· Phelan, James. "On the Nature and Status of Covert Texts: A Reply to Gerry Brenner's 'Letter to 'De Ole True Huck'"
· Cornis-Pope, Marcel. "Poststructuralist Narratology and Critical Writing: 'A Figure in the Concept' Textshop"

Number 3 (Fall 1990)
· McDonald, W. E. "Who's Afraid of Wolf's Cassandra--or Cassandra's Wolf?: Male Tradition and Women's Knowledge in
· Cassandra"
· Eldred, Janet M. "Plot and Subplot in Women in Love"
· Lundberg, Patricia Lorimer. "The Dialogic Search for Community in Charlotte Bront''s Novels"
· Carse, Wendy K. "Penchant for Narrative: 'Mary Smith' in Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford"
· Moffat, Wendy. "A Passage to India and the Limits of Certainty"
· Monk, Leland. "Murder She Wrote: The Mystery of Jane Austen's Emma"