Volume 21

Number 1 (Winter 1991)
· Ommundsen, Wenche. "The World, the Text and the Tourist: Murray Bail's Homesickness as Guide to the Real"
· Taylor, Andrew. "Resisting the Mad Professor: Narrative and Metaphor in the Poetry of John Trantner"
· Hatzimanolis, Efi. "Immigrant Writing Coming of Age? The Getting of Genre in Angelika Fremd's Heartland"
· Gelder, Ken. "David Ireland's Novels: Australia, Community and the 'Illegality' of Fiction"
· Bliss, Carolyn. "Categorical Infringement: Australian Prose in the Eighties"
· Arthur, Kateryna Olijnik. "Recasting History: Australian Bicentennial Writing"
· Perret, Bill. "Only When I Laugh: Humor, Gender and the Rewriting of Colonialism in Black Australian Fiction"
· Garlick, Barbara. "Of Rhinos and Caryatids: The Dialogic Imperative in Jessica Anderson"
· Newman, Joan. "Autobiography: The Limitations of the Quest"
· Thwaites, Tony. "Two Eleatic Tales: John A. Scott, Seymour Chatman, and Some Occlusions of Narrative"
· Littler, Alison. "Marele Day's 'Cold Hard Bitch': The Masculine Imperatives of the Private Eye Genre"
· Maclean, Marie. "Do-It-Yourself, B.Y.O. and Australian Science Fiction"

Number 2
(Spring 1991)
· Kinney, Clare. "On the Margins of Romance, at the Heart of the Matter: Revisionary Fabulation in Sidney's New Arcadia"
· Rodrigues, Eusebio. "The Telling of Beloved"
· Zonana, Joyce. "'They Will Prove the Truth of My Tale': Safie's Letters as the Feminist Core of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
· Wilner, Arlene Fish. "The Mythology of History, the Truth of Fiction: Henry Fielding and the Cases of Bosavern Penlez and Elizabeth Canning"
· Pizer, Donald. "Dreiser and the Naturalistic Drama of Consciousness"
· Wang, Jennie. "The Player's Song of Finnegan's Wake: Translating Sound Sense"

Number 3 (Fall 1991)
· Shen, Dan. "The Distorting Medium: Discourse in the Realistic Novel"
· Michaelson, Patricia Howell. "The Wrongs of Women as a Feminist Amelia"
· Scheiber, Andrew J. "Sign, Seme, and the Psychological Character: Some Thoughts on Roland Barthe's S/Z and the Realistic Novel"
· Heise, Ursula K. "Time Frames: Temporailty and Narration in Coleman Dowell's Island People"