Volume 22

Number 1 (Winter 1992)
· Kirby, John T. "Toward a Rhetoric of Poetics: Rhetor as Author and Narrator"
· Lovitt, Carl R. "The Rhetoric of Muderers' Confessional Narratives: The Model of Pierre Riviere's Memoir"
· Doherty, Gerald. "Undercover Stories: Hypodiegetic Narration in James Joyce's Dubliners"
· Shryock, Richard. "Zola's Use of Embedded Narrative in Le Ventre de Paris: Florent's Tale"
· Higdon, David Leon. "A First Census of the Circadian or One-Day Novel"

Number 2
(Spring 1992)
· Schwarz, Daniel R. "'The Serenade of a Man Who Plays a Blue Guitar': The Presence of Modern Painting in Stevens's Poetry"
· Pifer, Ellen. "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting: Kundera's Narration Against Narration"
· Radell, Karen Marguerite. "Orson Welles: The Semiotics of Focalization in The Lady from Shangai"
· Facknitz, Mark A. R. "Fascism, Phoria, and the Symbolic Destiny of Abel Tiffauges"
· Hoffarth-Zelloe, Monika. "Resolving the Paradox?: An Interlinear Reading of Toni Morrison's Sula"
· Gallager, Monique. "Reflecting Mirrors in Flann O'Brien's At Swim- Two-Birds"
· Kavanaugh, Keryl. "Discounting Language: A Vehicle for Interpreting Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journey"

Number 3 (Fall 1992)
· Callow, Heather Cook. "Joyce's Female Voices in Ulysses"
· Langford, Larry L. "Retelling Moll's Story: The Editor's Preface to Moll Flanders"
· Patteson, Richard F. "Paul Bowles/Mohammed Mrabet: Translation, Transformation, and Transcultural Discourse"
· Boehm, Beth A. "Fact, Fiction, and Metafiction: Blurred Gen(d)res in Orlando and A Room of One's Own"