Volume 23

Number 1 (Winter 1993)
· Ogden, Daryl. "Bathsheba's Visual Estate: Female Spectatorship in Far From the Madding Crowd"
· Beauvais, Paul Jude. "Postmodernism and the Ideology of Form: The Narrative Logic of Joan Didion's Democracy"
· Baldridge, Cates. "Agnes Gray--Bronte's Bildungsroman That Isn't"
· Person, Leland S., Jr. "Trusting the Tellers: Paradoxes of Narrative Authority in Poe's 'The Descent into the Maelstršm'"

Number 2 (Spring 1993)
· Orr, Elaine. "Mothering as Good Fiction: Instances from Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time"
· Benson, Peter. "Entering The Castle"
· Craig, Randall. "Logophobia in Jane Eyre"
· Easton, Celia A. "Sense and Sensibility and the Joke of Substitution"
· Barratt, Robert. "Marabar: The Caves of Deconstruction"

Number 3 (Fall 1993)
· Pottle, Russ. "The Monkey Before The Whale: "Signifyin(g)" and Melville's Mardi"
· Faruki, LaVonne Zinck. "David Hume on Epistemology: Revision and the Tropics of Discourse"
· Baldwin, Marc D. "'To Make It into a Novel--Don't talk About It': Hemingway's Political Unconscious"
· Evans, T. Jeff. "Narratology in Kenneth Fearing's Big Clock"
· Smith, Karen R. "Allegory and Autobiography: George Perec's Narrative Resistance to Nostalgia"