Volume 24

Number 1 (Winter 1994)
· Gottfried, Barbara. "Household Arrangement and the Patriarchal Order in Bleak House"
· Wall, Kathleen. "The Remains of the Day And Its Challenges to Theories of Unreliable Narration"
· Andres, Sophia. "Narrative Instability in Portrait of a Lady: Isabel on the Edge of the Social"
· Gardner, Richard M. "Huck's Ending: The Intimacy and Disappointment of Tourism"
· Hild, Allison. "Community/Communication in Woolf's The Waves: The Language of Motion"

Number 2 (Spring 1994)
· Guth, Deborah. "'Wonder what God had in Mind': Beloved's Dialogue with Christianity"
· Rio-Jelliffe, R. "The Language of Time in Fiction: A Model in Faulkner's "Barn Burning'"
· Canovas, Frederic. "This is Not a Dream: Drawing the Line Between Dream and Text"
· Baxter, Gisele Marie. "'After such knowledge, what forgiveness?': Exile, Marriage and the Resistance to Commitment in D.H.
· Lawrence's Kangaroo"
· Winniford, Lee. "Suppressing the Masculine Metanarrative: The Uncaging of Glasgow's Barren Ground"

Number 3 (Fall 1994)
· Koehler, Martha J. "Epistolary Closure and Triangular Return in Richardson's Clarissa"
· Clunas, Alex. "Comely External Utterance: Reading Space in The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde"
· Salotto, Eleanor. "Frankenstein and Dis(re)membered Identity"
· Eaton, Mark A. "'Lost in their Mazes': Framing Facts and Fictions in Benito Cereno"
· Matheson, Neill. "Heavy Spirits: Depression and Materiality in The Marble Faun"