Volume 25

Number 1 (Winter 1995)
· Kamel, Rose. "'Before I Was Set Free': The Creole Wife in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea"
· Bush, Lyall. "Consuming Hemingway: 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro' in the Postmodern Classroom"
· Jeffers, Jennifer. "Beyond Irony: The Unnamable's Appropriation of its Critics in a Humorous Reading of the Text"
· Bowen, Deborah. "The Riddler Riddled: Reading the Epigraphs in John Fowles's The French Lieutenant's Woman"
· Weilgosz, Anne-Kathrin. "Displacement in Raymond Federman's Double or Nothing or: 'noodles and paper coincide'"

Number 2 (Spring 1995)
· Anderson, Antje Schaum. "Gendered Pleasure, Gendered Plot: Defloration as Climax in Clarissa and Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure"
· Juengel, Scott J. "Writing Decomposition: Defoe and the Corpse"
· McCrea, Brian. "Roderick Ransom's "Agreeable Lassitude" and Smollett's Anamestic Fiction"
· Phillips, Jerry. "Narrative, Adventure and Schizophrenia: From Smollett's Roderick Ransom to Melville's Omoo"
· Waugh, Robin. "Competitive Narrators in the Homecoming Scene of Beowulf"

Number 3 (Fall 1995)
· Greenfield, Matthew. "Coetzee's Foe and Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations: Confession, Authority, and Private
· Languages"
· DeShong, Scott. "Toward an Ethics of Reading Faulkner's Sanctuary"
· Arthos, John. "Rhetoric of the Ineffable: The (Post-) Modern Audience's Equipment for Living"
· Arend, Mary Kate. "Perhaps the Narrator Protests Too Much: Conditional Narration in Light in August"
· Wilson, Raymond J. III. "Overcoming Reification in Daniel Martin: John Fowles's Response to Georg Lukacs"