Volume 28

Number 1 (Winter 1998)
· Tracey, Karen. "'Little Counterplots' in the Old South: Narrative Subterfuge in Caroline Hentz's Domestic Fiction"
· Levine, Michael. "Screenwriting: William Gaddis's J R"
· Williams, Jeff. "Narrative Games: The Frame of The Turn of the Screw"
· Bond, Adrian. "The Way It Wasn't in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises"
· Martin, Rebecca E. "'I should like to spend my whole life in reading it': Repetition and the Pleasure of the Gothic"

Number 2
(Spring 1998)
· Kellen Williams, M. "'Traced and Captured By the Men in the Chaise': Pursuing Sexual Difference in Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White"
· Duncan, Charles. "The White and the Black: Charles W. Chestnutt's Narrator-Protagonists and the Limits of Authorship"
· Diemert, Brian. "The Death of the Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Last Tycoon"
· Medero, Dana. "The Sieve and the Rainbow Serpent: Bleeding Gravity's Rainbow"

Number 3 (Fall 1998)
Special Issue: Feminist Historicism and British Narrative, ed. Devoney Looser
· Looser, Devoney. Introduction
· Burstein, Miriam Elizabeth. "'The Reduction of the Historic Muse': Agnes Strickland and the Commerce of Women's History"
· Hartmann, Van C. "Tory Feminism in Mary Astell's Bart'lemy Fair"
· Narain, Mona. "APrescription of Letters: Maria Edgeworth's Letters For Literary Ladies and the Ideologies of the Public Sphere"
· Ingrassia, Catherine. "Fashioning Female Authorship in Eliza Haywood's The Tea-Table"
· Kaston, Andrea J. "Speaking Pictures: The Fantastic World of Christina Rossetti and Arthur Hughes"
· Levin, Kate. "'The Meanness of Writing for a Bookseller': John Cleland's Fanny on the Market"
· Schorn, Susan. "Punish Her Body to Save Her Soul: Echoes of the Irish Famine in Jane Eyre"
· Heng, Mary. "Tell Them No Lies: Reconstructed Truth in Wollstonecraft's A Short Residence in Sweden"