Volume 3

Number 1 (Winter 1973)
· Griffith, John. "Narrative Technique and the Meaning of History in Benet and MacLeish"
· Peck, H. Daniel. "Robinson Crusoe: The Moral Geography of Limitation"
· LeClair, Thomas. "The Unreliability of Innocence: John Hawkes' Second Skin"
· Banerjee, Chinmoy. "Hero and Leander as Erotic Comedy"
· Jacobson, Sibyl. "The Paradox of Fulfillment: A Discussion of Women in Love"
· Klotman, Phyllis. "Jesse B. Semple and the Narrative Art of Langston Hughes"

Number 2 (Spring 1972)
· Adam, Ian. "Lawrence's Anti-Symbol: The Ending of The Rainbow"
· DeNeef, A. Leigh. "Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale and the Irony of Misinterpretation"
· Newton, K.M. "The Role of the Narrator in George Eliot's Novels"
· Kaplan, Fred. "Victorian Modernists: Fowles and Nabokov"
· Davidson, Arnold. "The Dantean Perspective in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms"
· Pickering, Samuel Jr. "Trollope's Poetics and Authorial Intrusion in The Warden and Barchester Towers"
· Yarina, Margaret. "The Dualistic Vision of Herman Melville's 'The Encantadas'"

Number 3 (Fall 1973)
· Sutherland, J.A. "The Expanding Narrative of Vanity Fair"
· Lilly, Paul Jr. "Caddy and Addie: Speakers of Faulkner's Impeccable Language"
· Higdon, David. "Failure of Design in The Mill on the Floss"
· Rankin, Elizabeth. "Cryptic Coloration in The French Lieutenant's Woman"
· Armistead, J.M. "The Narrator as Rhetorician in Dryden's The Hind and the Panther"