Volume 30

Number 1 (Winter 2000)
· Plasa, Carl. "Charlotte Bronte's Foreign Bodies: Slavery and Sexuality in The Professor"
· Irvine, Robert P. "Enlightenment, Agency, and Romance: The Case of Scott's Guy Mannering"
· Franke, Damon. "In the 'nummifeed confusionary': Reading the Negative Confession of Finnegans Wake"
· Pence, Jeffrey. "After Monumentality: Narrative as a Technology of memory in William Gass's The Tunnel"
· Gomel, Elana. "Aliens Among Us: Fascism and Narrativity"

Number 2 (Spring 2000)
· Austin-Smith, Brenda. "The Reification of Milly Theale: Rhetorical Narration in The Wings of the Dove"
· Matteo, Chris Ann. "le grand jeu and The Great Game: The Politics of Play in Walter Scott's Waverley and Rudyard Kipling's Kim"
· Goh, Robbie B. H. "'Clockwork' Language Reconsidered: Iconicity and Narrative in Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange"
· Eckford-Prossor, Melanie. "Colonizing Children: Dramas of Transformation"
· Wheatley, Alison E. "An Experiment in Understanding: Narrative Strategies of Association and Accumulation in Conrad's Under Western Eyes"

Number 3 (Fall 2000)
Special Issue: Cinema & Narrative, ed. Mary M. Gallucci and Ian Wojcik-Andrews
· Wojcik-Andrews, Ian. Introduction
· Botshon, Lisa. "Anzia Yezierska and the Marketing of the Jewish Immigrant in 1920s Hollywood"
· DeFino, Dean. "Killing Owen Taylor: Cinema, Detective Stories, and the Past"
· Coykendall, Abigail Lynn. "Bodies Cinematic, Bodies Politic: The 'Male' Faze and the 'Female' Gothic in De Palma's Carrie" *
· Chow, Karen Har-Yen. "Asian American Transnationalism in John Woo's Bullet in the Head"
· Huang, Tsung-yi. "Hong Kong Blue: Flaneurie with the Camera's Eye in a Phantasmagoric Global City"

* Winner of the 2001 Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship