Volume 31

Number 1 (Winter 2001)
· Kuchar, Gary. "Rhetoric, Anxiety, and the Pleasures of Cuckoldry in the Drama of Ben Jonson and Thomas Middleton"
· Deppman, Hsiu-Chuang. "Rereading the Mirror Image: Looking-Glasses, Gender, and Mimeticism in Virginia Woolf's Writing"
· Johnson, Erica L. "Contours of Travel and Exile in The Voyage Out"
· Baetens, Jan. "Going to Heaven: A Missing Link in the History of Photonarrative?"
· Berrettini, Mark. "Bad Blood: Epistemological Conflict, the Color Line, and One False Move"

Number 2 (Summer 2001)
· Lassner, Phyllis. "A Bridge Too Close: Narrative Wars to End Fascism and Imperialism"
· Vernon, Alex. "Narrative Miscegenation: Absalom, Absalom! as Naturalist Novel, Auto/Biography, and African-American Oral Story"
· Chan, Edward K. "(Vulgar) Identity Politics in Outer Space: Delany's Triton and the Heterotopian Narrative"
· Ellis, David. "'The Produce of More than One Country': Race, Identity, and Discourse in Post-Windrush Britian"
· Schneller, Beverly. "'Visible and Visitable': The Role of History in Gita Mehta's Raj and Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance"

Number 3 (Fall 2001)
· Andres, Sophia. "Narrative Challenges to Visual, Gendered Boundaries: Mary Shelley and Henry Fuseli"
· Brannigan, John. "'The Storyteller': Narrative Authority and Cultural Nationalism in Brendan Behan's Short Fiction"
· Miller, Gavin. "Literary Narrative as Soteriology in the Work of Kurt Vonnegut and Alasdair Gray"
· Singer, Marc. "Moving Forward to Reach the Past: The Dialogics of Time in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club"
· Kirk, John. "Urban Narratives: Contesting Place and Space in Some British Cinema from the 1980s"