Volume 33

Number 1 (Winter 2003)
Special Issue: Benjamin and Bakhtin--Vision and Visuality, ed. John Docker and Subhash Jaireth
· Docker, John and Subhash Jaireth. "Introduction: Benjamin and Bakhtin--Vision and Visuality"
· Patke, Rajeev S. "Benjamin and Bakhtin: the Possibility of Conversation"
· Jaireth, Subhash. "What is there in a Portrait? Adami's Benjamin, Seliverstov's Bakhtin and the Aura of Seeing and Showing"
· Davis, Therese. "First Sight: Blindness, Cinema and Unrequited Love"
· Summerhayes, Catherine. "Who in Heaven? Tracey Moffatt: Men in Wet-Suits and the Female Gaze"
· Leung Yuk Ming, Lisa. "Love Generation, Sleeping Forest, and the Urban 'Dream': Rural Myth in Japanese TV Dramas"
· Dorrian, Mark. "Of Skulls and Stealth: Reflections on the Image of the New Military Technology"

Number 2
(Summer 2003)
· Pugh, Tison. "Queering Genres, Battering Males: The Wife of Bath's Narrative Violence"
· Starzyk, Lawrence J. "Charlotte Brontë's The Professor: The Appropriation of Images"
· Végső, Roland. "Mart Barton and the Dissembled Dialogue"
· Woodruff, Adam. "'The Shape of a City': Recollectin in Benjamin's 'A Berlin Chronicle' and Breton's Nadja"
· Müller-Funk, Wolfgang. "On Narratology of Cultural and Collective Memory"

Number 3
(Fall 2003)
· Singer, Alan. "Aesthetic Corrigibility: Bartleby and the Character of the Aesthetic"
· Goh, Robbie B. H. "(M)Othering the Nation: Guilt, Sexuality, and the Commercial State in Coleridge's Gothic Poetry"
· Docker, John. "The Enlightenment and Genocide"
· Kurahashi, Yuko. "Creating a Tapestry of Voice and Silence in Michiko Ishimure's Kugai jōdo (Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow)"
· Murphy, Terence Patrick. "Durational Realism? Voice over Narrative in James Kelman's An Old Pub near the Angel, and Other Stories"