Volume 35

Number 1 (Winter 2005)
· Mercer, Lorraine. "I Shall Make No Excuse: The Narrative Odyssey of Mary Seacole"
· Bruns, John. "Get Out of Gaol Free, or: How to Read a Comic Plot"
· Clausson, Nils. "Degeneration, Fin-de-Siècle Gothic, and the Science of Detection: Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Emergence of the Modern Detective Story"
· Jeffers, Jennifer M. "Rhizome National Identity: 'Scatlin's Psychic Defense' in Trainspotting"
· Behr, Kate. "'Same-as-Difference': Narrative Transformations and Intersecting Cultures in Harry Potter"

Number 2 (Summer 2005)
· Shen, Dan. "Why Contextual and Formal Narratologies Need Each Other"
· Comer, Todd A. "Playing at Birth: Samueal R. Delany's Dhalgren"
· Mann, Karen B. "Lost Boys and Girls in Spielberg's Minority Report"
· Schuyler, Michael T. "'Traffic Was a Bitch': Gender, Race and Spectatorship in Robert Altman's The Player"
· Harris, Richard C. "Getting Claude 'Over There': Sources for Book Four of Cather's One of Ours"
· Stout, Janis P. "Response to Richard C. Harris's 'Getting Claude "Over There": Sources for Book Four of Cather's One of Ours' for the Journal of Narrative Theory"
· Harris, Richard C. "Richard Harris's Response to Janis Stout's Comment"

Number 3 (Fall 2005)
Special Issue: Travel and the Body, ed. Marguerite Helmers and Tilar J. Mazzeo
· Helmers, Marguerite and Tilar J. Mazzeo. "Introduction: Travel and the Body"
· Salmoni, Steven. "Ghosts, Crowds, and Spectacles: Visions of Venetian Travel in Henry James's Italian Hours"
· Gephardt, Katarina. "'The Enchanted Garden' or 'The Red Flag': Eastern Europe in Late Nineteenth-Century British Travel Writing"
· Lee, Heidi Oberholtzer. " Turtle Tears and Captive Appetites: The Problem of White Desire in the Caribbean"
· Brisson, Ulrike. "Fish and Fetish: Mary Kingsley's Studies of Fetish in West Africa"
· Meaney, Shealeen A. "'Sans Clothes and Sans Reproche': Beauty, Nature, and Transgression in Post-Suffrage American Women's Travel Narratives"
· Kelley, Joyce. "Increasingly 'Imaginative Geographies': Excursions into Otherness, Fantasy, and Modernism in Early Twentieth-Century Women's Travel Writing"