Volume 36

Number 1 (Winter 2006)
· Habib, Imtiaz. "Indians in Shakespeare's England as 'the First-Fruits of India': Colonial Effacement and Postcolonial Reinscription"
· Hsieh, Lili. "The Other Side of the Picture: The Politics of Affect in Virginia Woolf's Three Guines"
· Benziman, Galia. "'Dispersed Are We': Mirroring and National Identify in Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts"
· Miller, Gavin. "Aesthetic Depersonalization in Louise Welch's The Cutting Room"
· Wesse, Katherine. "The 'Invisible' Woman: Narrative Strategies in The Stone Diaries"

Number 2 (Summer 2006)
· Carpenter, John. "Placing Thomas Deloney"
· Norris, Margot. "Fact, Fiction, and Anti Semitism in the Cyclops Episode of Joyce's Ulysses"
· Whiting, Frederick. "Playing Against Type: Statistical Personhood, Depth Narrative, and The Business of Genre in James M. Cain's Double Indemnity"
· Brown, Peter Robert. "'There's Something about Mary': Narrative and Ethics in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"
· Berlatsky, Eric L. "'The Swamps of Myth… and Empirical Fishing Lines': Historiography, Narrativity, and the 'Here and Now' in Graham Swift's Waterland"
· Austenfeld, Anne. "The Revelatory Narrative Circle in Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible"

Number 3 (Fall 2006)
Special Issue: Realism in Retrospect Volume 1, ed. Audrey Jaffe and Abby Coykendall
· Jaffe, Audrey. Introduction
· Sills, Adam. "Surveying 'The Map of Slavery' in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko"
· Heady, Emily W. "'Must I Render an Account?': Gengre and Self-Narration in Charlotte Bronte's Villette"
· Thrailkill, Jane F. "Emotive Realism"
· Williams-Wanquet, Eileen. "Towards Defining 'Postrealism' in British Literature"
· James, David. "Relocating Mimesis: New Horizons for the British Regional Novel"