Volume 37

Number 1 (Winter 2007)
· Nesler, Miranda Garno. "'What Once I was, and What am Now': Narrative and Identity Constructions in Samson Agonistes"
· Alexander, Lily. "Storytelling in Time and Space: Studies in Chronotope and Narrative Logic on Screen"
· Swenson, Rivka. "'A Soldier Is Her Darling Character': Susanna Centlivre, Desire, Difference, and Disguise"
· Russell II, Keith A. "'Now Every Word She Said Was Echoed, Echoed Loudly in My Head': Christophine's Language and Refractive Space in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea"
· Claycomb, Ryan. "Staging Psychic Excess: Parodic Narrative and Transgressive in Performance"
· Longmuir, Anne. "Genre and Gender in Don DeLillo's Players and Running Dog"
· Gerlach, John. "To Close or Not To Close: Alice Munro's 'The Love of a Good Woman'"

Number 2
(Summer 2007)
Special Issue: Premodern to Modern Humanisms: The BABEL Project, ed. Eileen Joy and Christine Neufeld
· Moore, Michael E. "A Historian's Notes for a Miloszan Humanism"
· Birrer, Doryjane. "A New Species of Humanities: The Marvelous Projgeny of Humanism and Postmodern Theory"
· Seaman, Myra J. "Becoming More (than) Human: Affective Posthumanisms, Past and Present"
· Norris, Robin. "Mourning Rights: Beowulf, the Iliad, and the War in Iraq"
· Bachman, Maria K. "Who Cares? Novel Reading, Narrative Attachment Disorder, and the Case of The Old Curiosity Shop"
· Uebel, Michael. "B(eing)-Students"

Number 3
(Fall 2007)
· Driedger, Derek. "Writing Isolation and Resistance to Assimilation as 'Imaginative Art': Wila Cather's Anti-Narrative in Shadows on the Rock"
· Cohen, Victor. "Progressive Nostalgia: The Post-War Crime Fiction of Paul William Ryan"
· Anshen, David. "Clichés and Commodity Fetishism: The Violence of the Real in Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me"
· DelConte, Matthew. "A Further Study of Present Tense Narration: the Absentee Narratee, and Four-Wall Present Tense in Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians and Disgrace"
· Smith, Eric D. "'Caught Straddling a Border': A Novelistic Reading of Amitav Ghosh's In an Antique Land"
· Forbes, Shannon. "Performative Identity Formation in Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes: A Memoir"